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Waterdrop Spin Down Sediment Water Filter, with Touch-Screen Auto Flushing Module


  • [Automatic back washing] Waterdrop WD-PFA whole house water filter offers hassle-free automatic flushing. You can set specific automatic flushing interval periods, saving you time and efforts. You can also flush the system instantly by simply pressing the button.
  • [First line of defense] The pre-filter features a 40-micron pore size stainless-steel mesh, which intercepts large particles, such as sand and rust, and resists corrosion. The filter effectively protects your home’s water supply.
  • [Prolongs water facilities’ lifespan] The sediment filter protects your pipe from corroding and prolongs your home appliances’ lifespan. It also increases the system working efficiency by reducing clogs.
  • [Break-free and explosion proof housing] The reinforced housing is made out of food-grade materials. It has been tested under 400 psi pressure without a crack or external dent.
  • [Multiple connecting options] The whole house sediment filter comes with two push-fit plumbing fittings. You also get four types of screw threads for connection: 1” MNPT,3/4” MNPT,3/4” FNPT and 3/4” push-fit plumbing fitting.
Whole House Water Filter
Protects the Entire Family
Intercepts Large Particles
A 40-micron pore size mesh can intercept large particles, such as sand and rust, protecting your home’s water supply.
Automatic Back Washing
The spin-down sediment filtration system doesn’t require manual flushing. You can choose 7, 15, or 30 days as the automatic flushing interval period; whichever is convenient for you.
First Line of Defense For Household Water
Protects water-related appliances.
Improves the water filtration system lifespan.
Includes Two 3/4-inch Push Fittings
Saves your money and effort by offering the additional components that may be required.
Ready for use after inserting the pipes, no twisting required.
Fulfills Your Whole Household Water Needs
Water capacity is not a problem with this filter. Meet your whole household water needs at the same time, thanks to stable water pressure.
Safe Materials
Food-grade materials adopted to eliminate secondary contamination. The whole house water filtration system has passed 44 lbs water pressure test to ensure ultimate safety by lowering the risks of both external and internal cracks or dents.
Your Purchase Your Love
Invest in sustainability, lasting clean water, and improved health for children and their families.


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